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FSX Air Sports Association

Special Features!
We review the newly released Lionheart Creations Quickie Q-200 for FSX, and the freeware Fokker D.21 Fighter, also for FSX.

We've been hard at work, preparing our National Championship Air Races portion of the website, to provide you with an inside look at the real-life air races in Reno. You can find the site at the 'NCAR' link on the left, or HERE!



FASA, founded June 12th 2012, is a community of Flight Simulator enthusiasts that participate in online multiplayer air sport competitions and events. FASA currently uses Microsoft Flight Simulator X with its multiplayer capability as our primary simulator platform. Currently FASA is offering the excitement and challenge of Pylon Air Racing and Short Takeoff And Landing (STOL) Competitions!


FASA's Mission is to bring people together into a "Sporting" Community to experience and enjoy aviation opportunities not available to most pilots due to cost and safety limitations. We strive to provide an enhanced, satisfying, interactive experience, welcoming flight sim pilots of all types, and interests.

FASA is currently weaning into this new fully-structured website.
work with us, as we begin to get developed around here!

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